(1) CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT: The Manager is to be notified IN WRITING a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance of arrival except for emergencies. This notice may be given electronically through the Association’s web site at, faxed to the office at (772) 231-7090 or mailed to the Manager.

(2) NOTIFICATION ON ARRIVAL OR DEPARTURE: Upon arrival and prior to departure, an occupant must notify the Managers. It is very important that the staff know the occupant as well when the unit is occupied.

(3) ACCESS TO PROPERTY & UNIT: You must have a key or the access codes for the entrance gate, the building and the unit in which you will be staying. Access codes are required for keypads on the entry gate, both buildings and each unit in the complex. The Owner has both keys and access codes and should furnish these to guests.

(4) OFFICE HOURS: Normal office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, weekdays, unless the manager is away from the office for business reasons. The Manager is should not be disturbed prior to 8:00 A.M. or after 5:00 P.M. except in emergencies. Arriving after 9:00 P.M. or prior to 8:00 A.M. without prior arrangements for access to a unit is NOT an emergency.

(5) SIX (6) PEOPLE MAXIMUM: No more than SIX (6) persons, including children, shall occupy any unit. Children under the age of sixteen (16) shall be under direct supervision of an adult at all times.

(6) MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS: Please notify the Manager or the Owner of any maintenance problems. However, it is not the Manager's or Maintenance Person’s responsibility to fix and repair problems. They will call the Owner or advise who may be contacted for repairs.

(7) PARKING: Vehicles must be parked in designated and striped spaces ONLY. Parking is NOT allowed in front of the B Building garages or along the driveway. It is important that the management office be advised of the make, color and other information on your vehicle for security purposes. You are advised to keep your vehicle locked.

(8) POOL RULES: Only occupants of the Condo Units are authorized to use the pool. “Guests of guests” are NOT permitted. The complete Pool Rules are attached on a following page and are posted at the pool in compliance with Florida ordinances and the Association’s Rules. Please review these Pool Rules with your family or group and observe them at all times. Every guest should understand and remember the safety issues associated with a pool as well as at the beach. While the Association cannot control the beach and ocean swimming, it has imposed rules on the use of the Association’s pool, all for the safety and convenience of guests and Owners.

In addition, please remove all trash from your area of the pool deck on leaving the pool. All pool and water toys must be removed when leaving the area. Any pool toys or other items that are left in the water or on the deck at the time the pool is closed must be may be placed in the dumpster as abandoned property. Please cooperate.

Every guest is reminded that the ocean waters can be treacherous and rip-tides can easily carry a person of any age into the deeper waters. You should learn the water condition signals from the public beach area to the north and observe these rules at all times when you are in the ocean.

We do request that every guest use the shower prior to entering the pool area in order to remove sand and oils prior to entering the pool in order to avoid operational problems with the equipment and to maintain water quality for everyone.

In addition, please towel dry before leaving pool or entering the elevators or foyer areas in order to avoid slippery floors for yourself or others.

(9) ELEVATORS: Children are not to play on elevators or play with buttons or elevator doors. These machines are fragile and can be the dangerous.

(10) BALCONIES: Personal property, including chairs, shoes, buckets, etc. should not be stored outside unit doors or on the balcony. Towels or clothing items are not to be placed on the railings. They will be removed and discarded.

11) TAR, OIL AND SAND: Tars are easily picked up on your feet off the beaches and can ruin furniture, carpet and floors if carried into the units.


Please show children how to clean the tar from their feet and to wash sand off before going to balcony. There is also a shower by the Cabana entrance for the removal of sand before entering pool. Check your shoes for residue before entering a unit.

(12) GARBAGE AND TRASH: All garbage and trash is to be sorted by newspapers, glass, plastic and other items and taken at least DAILY to the dumpster (next to the front entrance) by the occupant. Please do not place your garbage (one particularly kitchen-type garbage) in the pool or laundry room trash containers or leave in elevator or balcony.

Pest control is a problem in this climate, and all trash and garbage should be bagged, sealed and immediately disposed of in the dumpster and particularly before moving out of the unit.

Ants and roaches can appear on counters or floors with food or drink residue on them almost immediately, so please keep surfaces clean of food.

(13) PETS: Animals are NOT allowed at any time.

(14) FIREWORKS: Fireworks or other dangerous materials shall not be brought on the Association’s property at any time. Such items constitute a danger to persons as well as property as evidenced by fires that we have previously had in the dune line areas from fireworks.

It is the firm policy of the Association that anyone violating this rule will be banned form the property immediately. In addition, the police or other authorities shall be called and advised of any violation.

(15) CLEANING BEFORE LEAVING: Please remember that you are the guest of the Owner in the Owner's “second home” and their property should be treated that way. The proper cleaning of the unit, including the oven, disposal, trash compactor stove and refrigerator, emptying all trash and garbage, cleaning all bathrooms, sinks, and showers; vacuuming floors etc. is your responsibility. Please leave the unit in the same or better condition that you found it.

Any complaints about the unit should be directed to the OWNER - not the Manager - as each unit is individually owned and controlled by the individual.

The Manager has been instructed not to clean units unless prior arrangements have been made and payment has been paid in advance for the cleaning.

(16) CHILDREN: Many condominiums do not allow children. The Kentucky Club does allow children with the prior approval of the OWNER, but only subject to close parental supervision, particularly in the areas explained in the Rules.

Please review all of the Rules with children and explain the necessity for observing these rules for their own protection as well as the protection of the property and the Association. Particular attention should be paid to children in the common areas, the pool, Club Room and elevators.

The Association has instructed that all Rules be enforced and we do expect the cooperation of Owners as well as guests.

(17) LAUNDRY: Laundry facilities are provided in both buildings. These are coin operated machines so you will need to provide quarters for operation and you must provide soap and bleach. Please use these machines in accordance with the instructions. Clothing or towels with sand should be shaken until all sand is removed prior to placing the items in the washers or dryers.

(18) NOISE: Please respect your neighbors by turning down televisions or radios to a level that will not disturb the guests in the adjoining units, particularly after 9 pm.

If there is anything that you do not understand about the adopted RULES or if you have any questions, please ask the Manager for clarification. It is the intention of the Owners and the Association that these and other Rules be enforced.