Dear Visitor,

Welcome to THE KENTUCKY CLUB web site. We hope that you enjoy the information contained in these next few pages

One of the important functions of this venue is to provide you with a REGISTRATION form which our Rules require of every visiting guest and Owner at The Kentucky Club. We need this information prior to your arrival.

It is very important for management staff and for security reasons that we know who is in residence at the property at all times. This information is needed to confirm that each member of your group is recognized as an authorized visitor. This also enables our staff to recognize your vehicle and that it is authorized to be on the property. If we know that you are coming, then we can acknowledge provide the necessary information to access the property as well as prepare the unit for occupancy as needed.

Please cooperate in completing this information and e-mailing it to the address on the card so we will know that you are coming, when and then we can assist you in making your stay a pleasant one. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Secondly, we have included the RULES of The Kentucky Club. You should take the time to familiarize yourself and your family with these Rules and what is expected during your stay.

I will be in the office during normal business hours (8-5) on weekdays except when duties require my absence from the office or the property. If you have any questions concerning matters related to any of the matters related to The Kentucky Club, please let me know.


Gail Dunmyer, Manager