Welcome to The Kentucky Club!

The Kentucky Club was created in 1975 by a group of nineteen friends and associates from Kentucky, headed by Lexington developers, Don and Dudley Webb of The Webb Companies. What is now the “B” Building was completed and the units sold to friends and in Lexington.

In 1980, an adjoining 200’ of ocean frontage was purchased by the Webbs, twenty-five more units were added and the two properties merged. All of the new units in “A” Building were sold to Kentuckians, some of whom moved over from the original building and others who were new to the complex.

Since the majority of the original Owners were of active working age, many of the units were rented in season. Some of those renters eventually became Owners, including a few non-Kentuckians. Although these newcomers were outnumbered, they soon became “Honorary Kentuckians” and have blended well with the Bluegrass state owners.

Many of that original group are still Owners after more than 30 years. The Association has always prided itself on the congeniality of most all of its members and their desire to own a condominium unit in a well managed complex with first class amenities, services and management dedicated to the protection of the Owners and their property. It is one of the few complexes its size that has always had a resident manager. Gail Dunmyer, the Manager, has ably served the property for more than eighteen (18) years.

In 2000, the complex underwent a major exterior rehabilitation including concrete repairs that were a result of 20-25 years of oceanfront environment. Then, in 2004, Frances and Jeanne damaged and destroyed the roofs of both buildings resulting in an estimated $3 million in damages to the buildings and the units. The Owners rallied to not only rehabilitate the buildings in record time, but to remodel most all of the units to a much better than pre-hurricane condition. The rebuilding of the pool, installation of pavers and upgrading of landscaping have placed The Kentucky Club in better condition that it was when new.

We welcome you to our Florida homes! Please protect it as you enjoy it!